Why You Should Toss The Body Wash!

Posted by Amanda Leitera on

Gone are the days that we all flock to Bath and Body Works to stock up on sweet smelling, synthetic loaded body wash. 

People everywhere are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint. We all want to do our part to reduce plastic usage and reduce waste. 

What's an easy solution that every single person can do? Make the switch to bar soap.

 If you are like me, I didn't dare skip my moisturizer after taking a shower or I would get ashy and itchy. I realized all these years later that my perfumed body wash was to blame. Filled with detergents, fillers, cheap oils, and sometimes animal fat. 

Picture a trash can full of every plastic bottle you have tossed. Now imagine if you had been using bar soap, like your grandma. No waste! 

So why use natural artisan bar soap over commercial soap? Because of the process and the ingredients. Did you know that commercial bar soap, like Dove, Irish Spring, and Ivory are made using animal fat? It's called tallow and it is fat from animals. Our ancestors used this easily sourced waste product to make soap. 

It is a new era! 

The Clean Bubble is made with plant-based oils and butters. Using only the most nourishing ingredients, your skin will feel good and your choice to use cruelty-free soap will have an earth-friendly impact. Best of all, you are supporting a small business and an industry that is fueled by makers and creators.


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